Real Gaming Mouse

High-End Game Engine

The high-end game engine 3360, with a sampling rate of 12000dpi, a maximum speed of 250ips and an acceleration of up to 50G, is more stable and excellent than the average optical chip, and has enough powerful customization space.

Innovative surface treatment

The unique black and gold texture is achieved by no less than 10 processes. The bronze metal lacquer deposited by the golden age is hand-applied by the craftsman MOD. The combination of automation and manual ensures that each EM925PRO Both products are taken care of.

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Clip type weight system

Innovative mechanized bullet-clip counterweight system, with the Chinese standard of 5 1 yuan coin weight (with the mouse does not distribute coins), adjust the weight like the ammunition, full of playfulness.

Aerospace grade metal aluminum base

The cutting-edge technology creates a one-piece metal aluminum undercover base, which is treated with exquisite surface technology, exuding exquisite and gorgeous metal texture, which can improve the stability, light weight and durability of the fuselage.


Eclectic RGB backlight system

A variety of dynamic cool lighting modes are built in, and the light source of the left and right sides of the mouse is combined with unique flow effects to make the mouse more beautiful.

“thumb” Fire Mode

Subvert the traditional side button settings, import the “fire button” and “FN button”, use the dynamic dpi adjustment to achieve the perfect set fire; use the FN button combination to avoid the drive to adjust the lighting effect, shortcuts, etc., so that the thumb firepower is fully open.


Technical Parameters


  • Working method: wired USB mouse
  • Button (default): left button, right button, scroll wheel, DPI+, DPI+, sniper, FN
  • Body material / surface treatment: pure manual MOD spraying
  • DPI value: 600/1200/2400/3600/5400/7200/12000dpi
  • Maximum speed: 250ips
  • Maximum acceleration: 50G
  • Frame rate: 12000fps
  • Color (default): Symphony
  • Wire length: 1.8m
  • Mouse unit weight: 109±3g
  • Dimensions: 130×70.5x41mm
  • Other features: reset and light switch on the bottom of the mouse


Driver: Support (official website download)